Things to do in Brazil for carnival

Brazilian carnivals, perhaps, the most exciting show in the world and the main event of the year for every Brazilian. No wonder they say that in Brazil live from carnival to carnival.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro — event dream of millions of people. Every year in February the whole of Brazil is covered by the continuous thunder of drums, batter incendiary rhythm of Samba, immersed in the noisy, bright and cheerful holiday, greatest show on the planet.

To Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro held 1 time a year, in February, at the height of the Brazilian summer! Begins this holiday is always on Saturday and lasts 4 days and 4 nights!

It is luxurious and expensive spectacle for the whole world. The streets of Rio if specially designed for sambodromo (Samba parades): a whirlwind of glitter, fireworks and billowing skirts of dancers captures the entire city.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is currently one of the most colossal and most organized carnivals in Brazil. Every year the Samba penetrates the blood of all the participants and guests of the carnival and for five days Brazil becomes African country.

Traditionally participate in the Carnival 12 Samba schools. Each of them has a very large impact on the cultural life in the country, has several tens of thousands of fans who believe that their Samba school is the best and looking forward to the Carnival, hoping for the championship.

Anyway, the Samba schools today and is the basis for the carnival procession. Their competition with each other for the title of best makes you work the entire mechanism that involves hundreds of thousands of people. What is a Samba school? Actually, it’s just a Union of people who believe that they know how to dance Samba better than others. Typically, one school has three to five thousand people, most of whom will represent her school at the carnival. They all work for a year in order to get into the top six schools and to show their art in the final part of the holiday at the sambadrome.

It may seem that the carnival is a celebration that lasts only one week a year. This is not so. You can not even take into account that the preparation for the carnival lasts all year, and that the whole year ongoing training, the costumes are made, preparing carts and written music. The concept of carnival is much more than just a nation-wide festivities or a successful business venture for months captures the minds of different people. The carnival is a way of thinking. Brazil became the only country in the world where there was a full carnivalization of life.

The carnival is a way of life not only of each individual the Brazilian, but also the entire state.

Carnival in Salvador

Carnival in Salvador is the best of Afro-Brazilian music, as well as performances by different groups, called societies Afoxe. One of the most famous bands – Filhos de Gandhi (Gandhi Children). Dressed in white tunics and blue turbans, members of this society form one of many groups participating in the procession.

Each group is formed around the two platforms. At the head of the group on the platform is the orchestra. Platform surrounded by dancers. The orchestra plays such fiery music that it is impossible to stand still, all around dancing, having fun, joking and laughing. Unlike carnival in Rio de Janeiro here anyone can easily become a participant of the parade. For this he just need to buy a t-shirt (Abada), giving the right to join any group.

In the last week of October in Recife also passes off-season Carnival, called Resipole. The carnival in Recife is also realized in the form of festive processions. Over two million people take to the streets during the Carnival in the style of Salvador Dali and seven days dance traditional dances. In the center of many thousands procession towering giant doll. The participants of the carnival, often dressed in masks, dancing and singing in musical style, Frevo, which is typical for North-East Brazil. Recife is also called the capital of frevo – original music and dance with an umbrella. This dance is the main theme of the carnival in Recife and Olinda, when all the inhabitants of both cities take to the streets and participate in the celebration. This carnival is attended dolls from papier-mache.


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