The Best European festivals of autumn

With the onset of cold weather in Europe begins the season of festivals. We will tell You when and where you need to go to get a portion of good mood and new experiences.

21 September in Munich on the Theresienwiese starts the famous beer festival “Oktoberfest”. About it we wrote in detail, so here let’s not waste time and go straight to the festival of contemporary art in Budapest.

It starts on October 5 and will run until the 14th of the same month. The festival is held in the Hungarian capital for twenty years. At Cafe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival presents a variety of art forms, from music and theatre to computer graphics. Fans invited to numerous excellent performances, film screenings, performances and installations.

From 10 to 21 October in Berlin will have an unusual festival – the festival of Light. The most important and most interesting monuments of Berlin at this time become objects for light installations. In the new world brought the Brandenburg gate, Alexanderplatz, TV tower, Unter den Linden, Berlin Cathedral, Main station, Charlottenburg castle, the residence of the Chancellor, the aquarium and much more.

The facades of the buildings at this time is decorated with garlands, and in parks and on boulevards darkness dispersed fireworks and searchlights.

In Italy at this time there will be a festival of chocolate. It will last a little longer than the German festival of lights, so you can have it all. The chocolate festival will be held in Perugia from 18 to 27 October. This festival is one of the largest in Europe and the world. Every year on the sweet celebration attracts about a million visitors, and its products are about two hundred Italian and foreign manufacturers.

Perugia at the time of the festival turns into a huge bakery. Chocolate, chocolate pasta, candy bars, cakes, figurines and even interior decorations made of chocolate they sell at every step. In addition to festive celebrations, concerts, fireworks and theatrical performances during the festival hosts various exhibitions, cooking classes, chocolate master classes.

From 19 October to 1 December in the Italian city of Barcelona will host the international jazz festival. Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona – one of the most important events of the autumn in Europe. For the month manage to visit about 50 thousand people.

Festive events are held each day at various venues in the city. Many protests are organized for free. Participate in the largest festival of jazz musicians and orchestras of the world. The organizers also invite talented and promising young performers.

If someone wants to tickle your nerves, then you are welcome in Amsterdam. From 25 to 31 October, there will be a festival “Halloween”. Europe and America love Halloween and always a lot of fun celebrating. But nowhere is this doing on this scale as in Amsterdam. The week of Halloween in the capital of the Netherlands is a great variety of fancy-dress parties, shows, concerts, parades and performances.

At this time, just walking around the city you can easily fit in with the crowd of monsters, to participate in the race of zombies, watching horror movies day and night, hanging out on Halloween parties in clubs to go on a scary journey through the canals by boat, to make a “devil” make up, finally.

In Seville, Spain on 1 November kicks off one of the biggest international film festivals. Here show only the most recent work of fiction and documentary, short and animated films that have not yet been presented to a wide audience. Additionally, there are non-competition screenings, dedicated to a certain topic or the work of a particular Director.

Don’t forget about the fans to have fun and foggy London. 9 November in the British capital will host a show of the Lord mayor. The Lord mayor is the head of the city of London Corporation (the city district administration) and shall be elected annually at the Michaelmas meeting 108 traditional city guilds. The day after the inauguration of the show is organized by the Lord mayor.

The new Lord mayor sent to the Royal court, where swears allegiance to the sovereign in the presence of the Supreme judges. He rides in a Golden carriage at the very end of the procession, and before him about an hour and a half of marching ranks of the military, orchestras, riding tanks and black taxi cabs, stride representatives of local communities, schools, universities, other public organizations and numerous guilds city.

The procession will set off from London city hall the Guildhall, walks past the official residence of the Lord mayor, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Palace of Justice. Evening on the Thames is arranged a Grand fireworks display.

The right honourable the Lord-mayor of London – existent in Britain the post. Not to be confused with the mayor of London – the powers of the Lord mayor are limited only by the city and are more formal, and the mayor controls everything in Great London. For the first time the post was established in 1189.

In Italy to this day, 9th November with the festival of truffles. The festival is traditionally held in the small town of San Miniato, which is known far beyond Italy as “the city of white truffle”. The white truffle is exquisite and very expensive delicacy, and local mushrooms are remarkably large and of exceptional quality. It is white truffles from San Miniato are served in the best restaurants of the world.

The festival will feature numerous tastings and master classes, auctions and, of course, “hunting” for truffles.

And end of the autumn festival season in Europe Christmas festival in Prague. In the Czech Republic to prepare for a favorite European holiday start from November 30. On this day opens the festival. Christmas fairs are opening, and the streets, houses and shop Windows are decorated with Christmas decorations. The start of the holiday traditionally gives Christmas music Festival. It is Europe’s largest event in the field of sacred music.

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