The Most interesting festivals of peak season

In September you can eat potato pancakes in Zhitomir, enjoy jazz in the Crimea and see the Japanese Kabuki theater in Dnepropetrovsk

The end of the hottest time of year, fortunately, will not affect the festival movement in Ukraine. The country was still a lot of places and events where you can have fun. “Comments” chose the most interesting festivals of September.


The tenth of September in Central Park in Korosten (Zhytomyr region), you can gorge on pancakes. There will be the Fourth festival of potato pancakes. in which will be attended by hundreds of Ukrainian masters in cooking this dish. Under the enticing aromas of freshly made potato pancakes will be original contests and quizzes. By the way, Korosten is considered to be the capital of potato pancakes – here a few years ago found only one in Ukraine monument Pancakes, and baked the largest potato pancake with a weight of 118 kg.

And fans of Ukrainian borscht is recommended to go to the Ternopil region. In the village with a “speaking” name Borshchev, 17-18 September festival of borsch “Borscht-V-2011”. Here you can try more than fifty species of this delicious Ukrainian dishes, as each village will provide at the court of the people’s tasting your recipe.

Enjoy drinks

The equator in September Fedosia (Crimea) will have the taste of grapes. From 15th to 18th of last month of summer here wine Festival will be held WineFeoFest. In addition to tasting the best Crimean wines everyone can take a tour of manufacturers, to try and antique Greek dishes that are traditionally served with wine and watch stylized theatrical performances and even win a prize in the lottery.

Traditionally on the last weekend of September (this year it numbers 23-25) the city of Lviv invites you to capefest “On Kava to Lviv!”. This aromatic beverage has long been considered a symbol of the city, so the autumn festival from year to year attracts thousands of Ukrainian and foreign coffee drinkers. These days you can try different varieties of coffee just on the streets. The organizers promise to acquaint all guests with the original methods of preparation of the drink, and serving an exclusive coffee treats, the recipe of which Lviv coffee is kept secret.

To podrazavati the sea

Ukrainian autumn is not the first year is replaced by the summer the sounds of jazz. In the first weekend of September (2-5) in Koktebel (Crimea) will host a jazz festival Live in blue bay. The highlight of the event is free entry to all concerts. By the way, the musical content is still one of the “trump card”, which year after year attracts thousands of jazz lovers. During the three musical days before the public will perform over a hundred performers from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland, Uzbekistan, USA, France. Among them the famous Icelandic jazz band Mezzoforte, a new project known musicians Fedor Dosumov and Anton Davidyants with French drummer Daniel Schmitt from Impact Fuze.

Also the “land of blue hills” as it is called the festival organizers, will fill the music good music regular participants – Inver Izmailov and group “Karadag” (Ukraine), Sergey Manukyan (Russia) and Alexey Kozlov and “New Arsenal” (Russia).

The organizers assure that workshops meters from jazz and daily jam sessions will be of interest not only to professionals but also to all lovers of good music.

After a short break in the middle of the month the air Koktebel again filled with the sounds of jazz. From 15 to 18 September there will be held the ninth international festival of Jazz and world. This year the speeches of Ukrainian jazzmen organically intertwined with concerts by the best European and American masters. On three stages of the festival will feature the best bands from Germany, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, France and the USA. Among them is Oliver Lake Trio (USA – Austria), The State Of Monc (the Netherlands), Anna Maria Jopek (Poland), Eric Serra (France), Boris Savoldelli (Italy) and other groups.

Lovers of night life, too, will do: if your ears get tired of the music, the organizers offer to “load” the eye. On the first day of the festival will be working night cinema, one of the points of the program which will be Ukrainian premiere of the film “Kiev, I love you”

Enjoy the art

From 16 to 18 September you can witness how Kamyanets-Podilsky (Khmelnytskyi region) will change its face. There will be a street festival “Republic”. During the day dozens of artists from Spain, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will be engaged in the painting of new buildings, to reduce the dissonance between the old and new town and to achieve the maximum effect of “entering” a new architecture into the architecture of the “old” city. The organizers assure that nothing like this until now was neither in Ukraine nor in all post-Soviet territory.

In the evening on the territory of the ancient fortress will be the musical part of the festival. There will be Skay. Seee people, “O. Torvald”, “ANNA”, “Karna”, “Via”, “motor’rolla”.

At the same time (September 17-18) in Dnepropetrovsk will be a massive all-Ukrainian Festival of Japanese culture and animation Akihabara. All who are interested in Japanese culture, can not only learn a lot, but also take an active part in competitions and master classes. In addition to bright cosplay fashion show and contest anime-drawing it will be possible to look at the performance of traditional Japanese Kabuki theater, to participate in anime-quest, to learn how to play Japanese games and to learn the art of writing hieroglyphs

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