National holiday of the Yakut people

On 14 June on the territory of the Moscow State United Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” will be a traditional national holiday of the Yakut people – “YSYAKH”.

First Ysyakh was declared in the capital eight years ago, in the year of the 375th anniversary of Yakutia becoming a part of the Russian state. Then in honor of this date was established in Kolomenskoye memorial Serge – evidence of a long friendship and unity of the peoples of Russia, the symbol of hospitality.

Ysyakh anciently celebrated in early summer, when nature awakens after a long winter. The main holiday of Yakutia – in fact the New year, in a big way celebrated in cities and regions of the Republic.

Each Ysyakh in Moscow – a unique, unique and unforgettable, no wonder it attracts thousands of guests and participants. This year it is dedicated to two significant events – the Year of culture in Russia and the Year of the Arctic in Yakutia. The organizers of the festival are the government of Moscow and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), co-organizers – the Department for interregional cooperation, multicultural policy and relations with religious organizations of Moscow, the Moscow House of Nationalities and the administration of the Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”.

The program of the national holiday is very full and attractive. It offers algys, khomus, osuokhay, contest Baturov in national sports competitions and games, fair, gala concert and much more. All this is not only very beautiful and impressive spectacle, but also a great chance to get acquainted with the unique culture of the Sakha people. Here, in the Yakut festival in Kolomenskoye, love to visit foreign guests, heads of diplomatic missions of foreign States and representations of subjects of Russia, state Duma deputies and members of the Federation Council, the government of Moscow.

Of course, the special interest of the guests Ysyakh national causes ritual ceremony Algys, which always holds algyschyt from Yakutia: he kindles the fire, crying out to the light gods Aiyy to condescend to people in mercy, to grant them peace, happiness and prosperity. This action, according to custom, the watch is held in the highest solstice – from 11 to 12 noon. The whole ceremony consists of several parts: the rites of purification, blessings and comicopia, and each time its direct participants become the best folklore ensembles of Yakutia. This time to speak at the opening of the Ysyakh in Moscow received the right model groups from Amginsky region, and this is no coincidence. Amginsky land is famous for the indescribable beauty of its open spaces, famous for the river Amga – one of the most picturesque rivers of Yakutia, a real jewel of the Republic. Here to this day are still living descendants of the first farmers. Since then as a result of hard and painstaking labor of the peasants in Amga develops arable farming. However, ulus is actively developing industry. This diamond cutting production, wood processing and food industry.

At all times Ysyakh was proud of his asaheim — circular dance in the great meadow, which usually completes the whole event. As Russian dance, it symbolizes the solstice, the annual circle. This energetic dance-a ritual of communication. According to the ancient belief dance osuokhay, meaning “circle of life” symbolizes the universal unity of people. It is believed that each participant in the dance energizing for the whole year. Two years ago osuokhay got into the Guinness Book of records as the largest dance: in it in Yakutsk participated 15 293 people.

Guests of the Moscow Ysyakh and waiting for the ceremony comicopia. The national drink kumis drink from corona, sacred vessel. During the Ysyakh through the drinking kumys is familiarizing people to the highest sacraments of life. Mare in the representation of the Sakha people is sacred beverage and a symbol of ILGA – white abundance of grace, which concluded Kut-sur (soul).

An integral part of the national celebration of the summer are the sports on Yakut sports. Traditionally, the Moscow Ysyakh they are dedicated to the memory of Olympic champion Roman Dmitriev. The most agile and strong compete in the Yakut jumps, Yakut turntable, the national wrestling hapsagay and Mas-wrestling (stick pulling).

Perhaps, only in Yakut Ysyakh you can see the entire color national costumes of the peoples of Russia, national costumes come to the festival guests from other republics and countries of the world. Traditionally held and the competition of khomus (mouth harp), since this unique musical instrument occupies a special place in the culture of the peoples of the world.

Continued interest the guests of the festival calls “the City of masters” – exhibition and sale of Handicrafts, Souvenirs, jewellery and items made of natural materials – fur, horsehair, wood, ivory and others.

In short, no one will be left without a kind word, souvenir, and excellent mood is guaranteed to each and everyone who come looking for it on-Ysyakh.

Admission to the festival is free.


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