Scenario of a corporate party

Continue talking about the festive day «Fascinating Bonsai» even in the project was not. I hope you have already watched the first part about how it was organized at one of my former work in the midst of a global financial crisis, the holiday on February 23 defender of the Fatherland day.

Script corporate event we conceived and organized their own means, connected to the collection of various military regalia items to create a festive entourage of friends.

Girls dressed borrowed tunic and a cap. Successfully conducted competitions, tests. But it globally throughout the firm in the same departments the employee showed more ingenuity to deliver a pleasant experience to men. Ahead you will find the continuation of the implementation of the creative thinking of the female half of CJSC “Mobikom-Caucasus” (now Caucasian f-l OJSC “MegaFon”). Your guide and paparazzi all you show and tell. So, discovered a mysterious CAT. It says so on the door. What will we see there? >>>


On the ground floor not for nothing are the offices of one of the departments, reporting to the technical Director. Once there were 4 technical unit (Department) in the aggregate and all fit on one floor, here. They were called something like this: the Department of development, operations, it, quality of communications and radio network. Later the company expanded and the tasks become more global, and all services were cut off, scattered on different floors of the office, and then in different locations (buildings).

The operating Department has taken the first floor due to the fact that caters to a huge heavy equipment. Left you guys, so alone, but the rest (my post was at the very beginning of my activity as a time TO ALL technical departments) who pitched much. The clerk (i.e. me) it was hard to serve them all, endlessly run through the floors, but over time in each Department identified individual staff member to work with the papers for record keeping. Still had to come early and leave later.

In the bowels of one of the rooms there are huge white boxes. Whether for securities, whether for technology, but on a holiday they keep the slingshot, the pistons, biscuits generally are the Armory.

In the operation Department, probably 99% are men and was at the time only 4 women. But what did the ladies in the short term, what kind of work spent in preparation for the holiday personally, I delight. As agreed during the preparation of the script corporate event all departments, doors, corridors and so on, bear the imprint of the military. The girls decided your floor, be referred to as checkpoint (check point). Of course, all this is just a game.

Pictured right is the chief of one of departments Alexey Strelnikov.

A corridor decorated with garlands, paper cut out stars (origami is not without cost). On the door of each employee in the operations Department of a cheerful character who passes a particular trait of a person. I warn you that the photo that you see are just pieces of the overall picture. The frame quality is unimportant, from couples of faith had to be abandoned in the preparation of this article. Representatives are carved with individual frames and placed my tool in Photoshop on the General picture, otherwise I would not be able to show more than 40 frames at once, also not the best quality. Had to shamanism struggling.

The girls here took to picking up beautiful torsos in various poses on the Internet under the character of each. Remember the movie “most, Most, most, most” . So here on the floor just gathered all the best (more will reduce to 1 s.)… And the cartoon, by the way, look right now, he is very good!

As much as 4 times the

So here they are as much as 4 times the most. Of course the bosses in the first place. As S. mobile presents the Director of the Department Oleg Grechko. And it is true, that depends on how he is not worthy of such an epithet, and his Deputy Vladimir Golovin S. but active. I don’t know, of course, in which both the rank of the chief were, but apparently the girl had not lied – everything is possible, so that there is: the Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel, and if not actually so, the post has exactly.

As you guessed, here every male employee in the their field . And one of the offices signed “Small company” — this is not casual. The name of the head of A. Strelnikov (pictured above himself the commander of a company in the vest).

All the guys in the operations Department just cuties, obayashki, all in white, glamorous.

Certain traits are read in the biggest local children. And it is good that women are distracted from the military theme in the images of men, combining military entourage, used in a humorous sketches, pasted on doors and walls of the corridor with the peaceful, graceful grotesque genre labels representing owners of offices.

When you know in advance before with the guys to take pictures, cut out pictures of the person to find suitable torsos, to think or to find suitable characters. Even these are not very high quality photos, which I did — is the memory for a long time.

With the pleasure of reviewing periodically its working albums. Hope you also had fun!

And now, it’s time to go to the next level. I must say, for the top and look on the floor to the tops – that’s for sure, the most, most, most, most. Forward, on the floor of the main Directors of the Corporation!

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