Indian festivals Holi and Diwali

There is nothing that reveals the person, the country and even the whole nation as joy, hope, faith, love, and death. Their light (Yes, you read that right, death is also not devoid of light) fills and reveals the deepest corners of our souls, showing us face each other for who they really are, it penetrates between the bricks of the most skillful state masonry walls, and behind them…Behind them is always the same. But to understand this we have to undergo a variety of ways.

Don’t be afraid to dive into the life of the place in which you came. Go beyond the tourist districts, to leave resort towns, is in regular local Diners and including…visit the holidays.

We can say for sure that if you were on any holiday in your favorite country, did not attend either wedding . funeral service and are not seen as symbolically taking in the life of the new man may suspect that you just drove past beautiful scenery, and can be filled with a kind of life, maybe even great, but having the most distant relation to the country in which you came.

Familiarity with holidays India, I recommend starting with Holi or Diwali. Diwali and Holi is probably the most loved by tourists and the most famous Indian festival. Their symbolism Continue reading

10 best Latin American carnivals: this is a must see!

When we have snow, in a hot Sunny summer Latin America on the eve of lent begins time carnivals. To see the famous procession of half-naked beauties dancing Samba drumbeat, you can go not only in Rio de Janeiro. A whirlwind of merry madness sweeps these days over all the countries of the continent.


The most spectacular show of the planet is held annually in the last week before lent in Rio de Janeiro. Customs of ritual dances of African slaves and European traditions of Catholic immigrants to arrange riotous celebrations on the eve of a long period of abstinence mixed and has today become a colorful procession-the competition between 14 the most famous Samba schools. The fun begins on Friday when the mayor hands over the keys of the city to the carnival king, becoming a full-fledged ruler, which can even publish any laws.

Each Samba school prepares its own statement, lasting 82 minutes. The column that needs to walk in front of the audience and the jury, composed of 3-5 thousand people: and “foot” dancing beauty, and moving platforms, which can redeem anyone, who does not wish to part with a few hundred euros, in order to pass 700 meters along the sambadrome – a special alley, surrounded by bleachers. In each of the Samba schools for a year rehearsing the dance, make costumes, come up with a design carts, Continue reading

Gelendzhik carnival

Description of the object

1. Carnival in Gelendzhik. Held annually on the occasion of the opening of the bathing season. Festive columns carnival procession through the streets: Lunacharsky, Lenin – Promenade – Surf.

The history of Gelendzhik carnival originated in the seventies of the twentieth century. Then in each resort resort held its celebration of the opening of the holiday season, but city-wide events.And although in Gelendzhik those years successfully entertained people the stars of theater, film and pop stars, but vacationers wanted something new. And then it was decided that the opening of each holiday season to celebrate special unlike other events, holiday – city CARNIVAL.For example I decided to take the carnivals of Brazil. The first carnival was held in Noumea in 1971 and immediately became a cultural event of the year. Then there was a second, third, fourth. The nineties steel city carnival a serious test. Practically, he experienced “clinical death”, but still. revived. The initiator of the revival of the city carnival in Gelendzhik were made by the mayor of the city Sergey Ozerov. And in 1998, carnival city again became regular! In 2006, the carnival in Gelendzhik celebrated its 35th anniversary!

The objective of the carnival is to attract as many people as possible Continue reading

Things to do in Brazil for carnival

Brazilian carnivals, perhaps, the most exciting show in the world and the main event of the year for every Brazilian. No wonder they say that in Brazil live from carnival to carnival.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro — event dream of millions of people. Every year in February the whole of Brazil is covered by the continuous thunder of drums, batter incendiary rhythm of Samba, immersed in the noisy, bright and cheerful holiday, greatest show on the planet.

To Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro held 1 time a year, in February, at the height of the Brazilian summer! Begins this holiday is always on Saturday and lasts 4 days and 4 nights!

It is luxurious and expensive spectacle for the whole world. The streets of Rio if specially designed for sambodromo (Samba parades): a whirlwind of glitter, fireworks and billowing skirts of dancers captures the entire city.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is currently one of the most colossal and most organized carnivals in Brazil. Every year the Samba penetrates the blood of all the participants and guests of the carnival and for five days Brazil becomes African country.

Traditionally participate in the Carnival 12 Samba schools. Each of them has a very large impact on the cultural life in the country, has several tens of thousands of fans who believe that Continue reading

The Best European festivals of autumn

With the onset of cold weather in Europe begins the season of festivals. We will tell You when and where you need to go to get a portion of good mood and new experiences.

21 September in Munich on the Theresienwiese starts the famous beer festival “Oktoberfest”. About it we wrote in detail, so here let’s not waste time and go straight to the festival of contemporary art in Budapest.

It starts on October 5 and will run until the 14th of the same month. The festival is held in the Hungarian capital for twenty years. At Cafe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival presents a variety of art forms, from music and theatre to computer graphics. Fans invited to numerous excellent performances, film screenings, performances and installations.

From 10 to 21 October in Berlin will have an unusual festival – the festival of Light. The most important and most interesting monuments of Berlin at this time become objects for light installations. In the new world brought the Brandenburg gate, Alexanderplatz, TV tower, Unter den Linden, Berlin Cathedral, Main station, Charlottenburg castle, the residence of the Chancellor, the aquarium and much more.

The facades of the buildings at this time is decorated with garlands, Continue reading

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