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The Italians are a very resilient nation, they love the holidays and fun, so in Italy the many official and unofficial holidays, some of them last for weeks.

March-April – Easter (moveable holiday, as in other religions);

April 25 – Day of liberation from fascism;

1 may – labour day;

the first Sunday of June – the Day of proclamation of the Republic;

August 15th is the assumption of the virgin;

November 1 – All Saints Day;

December 8 – Insulana (Day Of The Virgin Mary);

25 December – Christmas day;

26 December – St. Stephen’s Day (the patron Saint of Italy).

In addition, in many regions and cities, there are many local holidays, including the days of the patron saints of cities (these days most of the working population is resting). For Christmas and New year, and in July and August, in the so-called period “holiday” (ferra-gosto), many companies and institutions also shall cease operations and close for the holidays. And of course, it is necessary to tell separately about the Italian carnivals. If you are lucky at least once to experience this amazing, captivating and fun atmosphere, the bright, unforgettable impressions are provided to you for a long time!

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Holidays in Poland

The holidays always bring joy and cheerful mood. Of course, everyone loves to relax and have fun. And the poles are no exception. Holidays in Poland, take a worthy place in the whole of Europe, the country ranks second for the number of holidays. There are as many as 11 . Yes, the poles love and appreciate a good rest. So delve into the world of festive extravaganza and learn what they like to celebrate poles!

So, actually, holidays in Poland much more 11. There is, for example, Day grandmother or grandfather Day, but we will focus on the most important celebrations. Usually, in those days, nothing works, all officially granted the day off. Now, we are getting to the list of holidays in Poland .

January 1 to celebrate New Year . Usually, on this day, asking “Where to go on day Sylvester?” This should not discourage You, because it means everything is very simple. If You ask this question, You just wanted to ask you where You want to celebrate the New Year. Despite some differences in the cultures, everything happens like we do. Celebrate Continue reading

Our beautiful cosplayers, anime festival

Origami and quilling

With origami familiar adults and children. Many as from any comer of a sheet of paper folded boat, airplane, frog. Quilling or quilling – making different shapes with narrow and long strips of paper.

Violation of color of hair

Hair is born, lives and dies in accordance with its specific life cycle. My hair person perceives as something evident. Not lend them special attention as long as they do not begin to happen something unusual. Change the appearance of hair is a direct consequence of changes in the internal organs.

With costumed games we are introduced to kindergarten. Who was not a rabbit, snowflake, snowman? Pakosta some individuals go in theatrical circles just to at least sometimes to dress and privatise as it is not customary to walk the streets. Routine is boring and sticky. This is why young girls dream to get married and always in a Princess dress. For once in your life. to do makeup, hair, dress gorgeous dress. who knows how it’s going. Continue reading

Unusual holidays and festivals in different countries and continents

Of course, each nation has its own traditions, customs and festivals, many of them very original, and at first incomprehensible. In General, we all have our own standards of behavior, belief and a way of expressing emotions. Ceremonial events often become a kind of ritual, which is sometimes very interesting to watch, but sometimes that is perceived as savage. I propose to draw attention to unusual holidays and festivals of different countries. Will visit America, Asia and Europe.

Festival El Colacho

This distinctive festival is held every year in the Spanish town of Castillo de Murcia in June. The goal is to jump over small children.

People collect all newborns and lie on the pillows. Then comes Colaco − disguised as a man, symbolizing the devil running. He runs up and starts to jump over children. This rite symbolizes the cleansing from disease and fears. Quite unusual, although somewhat resembles pagan traditions, some dates Slavs had celebrated by jumping over the fire.

Peruvian Takanakuy

This annual celebration takes place on Christmas in the Peruvian Andes. He concludes that fairly drunk parties converge in the circle of spectators and begin to fight, causing each other quite significant impacts. That’s just bizarre! But surprisingly Continue reading


In the Czech capital hosted the satirical carnival.

The Czech capital on Sunday held a satirical carnival . devoted to the struggle for freedom and democracy. It is reported “Radio Prague”, reports UNN.

About 200 people wore a mask, reflective phenomenon in Czech society, which are criticized.

19 July in Monaco will host the carnival.

Became known, the theme of the next carnival of well as.

Traditional carnival in Venice will be held from 15 February to 4 March 2014. The theme of this popular in Europe costumed celebration will be the interaction of humans and the environment and the natural world, reports UNN citing foreign media.

In Brazil’s famous carnival begins.

Friday, February 28, in Brazil begins world-famous carnival . a national holiday that await get prepared for throughout the year. Residents of the largest cities in the country for a whole week hold music, dancing and fun.

Every city deserves special attention and attracts thousands of tourists, but Rio de Janeiro is a special case and to the carnival in Rio.

The carnival of Venice.

In Italy, in the city of canals and lovers, in Venice, February Continue reading

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