Scenario of a corporate party

Continue talking about the festive day «Fascinating Bonsai» even in the project was not. I hope you have already watched the first part about how it was organized at one of my former work in the midst of a global financial crisis, the holiday on February 23 defender of the Fatherland day.

Script corporate event we conceived and organized their own means, connected to the collection of various military regalia items to create a festive entourage of friends.

Girls dressed borrowed tunic and a cap. Successfully conducted competitions, tests. But it globally throughout the firm in the same departments the employee showed more ingenuity to deliver a pleasant experience to men. Ahead you will find the continuation of the implementation of the creative thinking of the female half of CJSC “Mobikom-Caucasus” (now Caucasian f-l OJSC “MegaFon”). Your guide and paparazzi all you show and tell. So, discovered a mysterious CAT. It says so on the door. What will we see there? >>>


On the ground floor not for nothing are the offices of one of the departments, reporting to the technical Director. Once there were 4 technical unit (Department) in the aggregate and all fit on one floor, here. They Continue reading

The weirdest festivals of the world It’s fun!

Jeremy hunter has devoted 35 years of his life to photographing ancient magic rituals and festivals in sixty countries. We offer to your attention a small selection of his photographs from the project “Celebrate all year round”.


1. For centuries the peoples of the highland districts of Papua New Guinea fought for land, women and pigs. Witchcraft and the calling of spirits was considered a good weapon to repel the attacks of the invaders, members of clans have coated your own body figures out of clay and created a scary mask. It was part of a psychological attack against the invasion of their territory by other clans. Pictured is a resident of the village in the valley of Vanghi, near the town of mount Hagen.

2. Group dancing and singing is one of the rituals of clans in Papua New Guinea, with which the members of the community Express their unity and solidarity. The photograph is of the faithful dance of the snake, executable by the clan Apenda, Leh, near Morobe.

3. In the period from September to November 18-day Burmese festival Fung Dau, passing on Inle lake allows the indigenous Intha, «sons of the lake», to worship the five Continue reading

Results of the Carnival of Love 2009

Five months of hard work and now the day has come! The first Carnival of Love in Dnepropetrovsk!

The day before the event was nervous even the bride. Worried, they say, before the wedding. Very worried about the weather since a week before the holiday weather forecasters promised heavy rain. And here on June 28. Summer Sunday afternoon. Sunny weather first pleased with all participants.

From the early morning of hairdressers and makeup artists worked on the image brides-participants. Some of them, besides the stated 3 brides, created by the images and the other participants of the Carnival that seemed impossible, because time was very little. So, the No. 1 team . within which were a talented young Barber Kalashnikov and makeup artist Anastasia Kravchenko Olga created a unique vivid image of the author of the idea of the Carnival Denisenko Marina . On her hair worked for about 3 hours. Barber Eugene Prokofiev (No. 2 team) for the allotted time managed to transform one of the leading – Porubov Tatiana . to create the images of angels and make interesting hair models. Makeup artist Sinegen Olga hairdresser and Shcherbakov Mila worked on the second leading – Anna Cherenkova .

By one o’clock in the lobby of the Theatre Continue reading

Festivals and holidays in Turkey

As in other Islamic countries, the most important religious holiday of the country is Ramadan (the Turks pronounce his name as Ramadan). During the Holy month, Muslims throughout the day, refrain from eating, tobacco and sexual relations. The period of Ramadan is not a holiday, life goes on in its normal course, but most restaurants and other places of entertainment are closed the whole day. On the last day of Ramadan (Arife) have a tradition to visit cemeteries and to testify their respect to the ancestors; many provincial institutions are closed at this time, including tonight. But the end of the Holy month – Ramadan-Fitr (Ramazan Bayram) or Sheker Bayram (Seker Bayram, “Sweet holiday”) – note noisy and colorfully, accompanying its many ceremonies, mass prayers in mosques, cultural events, street performances, production of a huge number of all kinds of sweets and special holiday meals, the visits of guests and razdivaniem gifts.

Immediately after the feast of rozgovlenie (2009, November 28) begins a four-day Eid al-Adha (Kurban Bayram, or Eid al-Adha, the Muslim holiday that celebrates the end of Hajj and sacrifices in the course of which slaughter a sacrificial sheep, and their meat Continue reading

National holiday of the Yakut people

On 14 June on the territory of the Moscow State United Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” will be a traditional national holiday of the Yakut people – “YSYAKH”.

First Ysyakh was declared in the capital eight years ago, in the year of the 375th anniversary of Yakutia becoming a part of the Russian state. Then in honor of this date was established in Kolomenskoye memorial Serge – evidence of a long friendship and unity of the peoples of Russia, the symbol of hospitality.

Ysyakh anciently celebrated in early summer, when nature awakens after a long winter. The main holiday of Yakutia – in fact the New year, in a big way celebrated in cities and regions of the Republic.

Each Ysyakh in Moscow – a unique, unique and unforgettable, no wonder it attracts thousands of guests and participants. This year it is dedicated to two significant events – the Year of culture in Russia and the Year of the Arctic in Yakutia. The organizers of the festival are the government of Moscow and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), co-organizers – the Department for interregional cooperation, multicultural Continue reading

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Mid-autumn Festival in China 2015
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