Results of the Carnival of Love 2009

Five months of hard work and now the day has come! The first Carnival of Love in Dnepropetrovsk!

The day before the event was nervous even the bride. Worried, they say, before the wedding. Very worried about the weather since a week before the holiday weather forecasters promised heavy rain. And here on June 28. Summer Sunday afternoon. Sunny weather first pleased with all participants.

From the early morning of hairdressers and makeup artists worked on the image brides-participants. Some of them, besides the stated 3 brides, created by the images and the other participants of the Carnival that seemed impossible, because time was very little. So, the No. 1 team . within which were a talented young Barber Kalashnikov and makeup artist Anastasia Kravchenko Olga created a unique vivid image of the author of the idea of the Carnival Denisenko Marina . On her hair worked for about 3 hours. Barber Eugene Prokofiev (No. 2 team) for the allotted time managed to transform one of the leading – Porubov Tatiana . to create the images of angels and make interesting hair models. Makeup artist Sinegen Olga hairdresser and Shcherbakov Mila worked on the second leading – Anna Cherenkova .

By one o’clock in the lobby of the Theatre of Opera and Ballet began to gather contestants Stylists. All brides were so beautiful that it was hard to look away. I wanted to look at them and see. The works were evaluated by well-known masters of our city: the international make-up artist class in body-art – Oxana Ermakova and leading expert of the Center of Fashion – Pikus Inna . The jury was also present: photographer – Elsukov Alex (head of the creative Studio, Director of consulting firm “Elite-beauty” (hair cosmetics) – Karandas Julia and President of TM “Fiori” – Denisenko Marina Yu.

The company “zone” . delivered in the hall of the theatre cold water, spaspa all participants from the midday heat. Before the fashion show brides presented original corsages from floral designer – Chudnovets Michael . Creative workshop «Levanda” graced the entrance to the theater with a red carpet, bright beautiful arch and decorative racks.

After rating of all teams, the bride went out on the porch of the theatre and paraded on the red carpet in front of the audience, then went on a planned photo shoot.

The vacant area in front of the Opera was filled with children’s fun and large puppets. This art Studio “Kitten” actively started working with the youngest participants and spectators of the Carnival.

At exactly 16.00 started the Grand opening of the Carnival. First the red carpet to the sounds of the drums came a slim girl squad in hussar costume.

Immediately behind them came Denisenko Marina (author of Carnival of Love) with her husband Dennis and daughter Delilah. Releasing in the sky is symbolic beads-heart she inaugurated the Carnival. With welcoming speech to the townspeople turned and the head of Department on Affairs of family and youth of Dnipropetrovsk city Council Ruslan bulenok . which came out on the red carpet with his son.

After the official opening, the audience was presented to the best creative collectives of Dnepropetrovsk: show-ballet “ProVocation”, school of modern Dance “DANCE PLANET” Dance “PHOENIX”, a Theatrical group “Generation” and others.

The culmination was the release of brides with grooms. Each pair was kept in the hands of white doves. They formed at the site of a big heart and chant: “Our heart says – Carnival of Love is open!” (coined by one of the brides – Vancou Elena) at the same time released into the sky white doves and gave the audience a wedding waltz . the statement which was engaged in the head of the Ensemble “Phoenix”, Palamarchuk Natalia .

Immediately after the opening the participants took place in the columns of the Carnival procession. Handsome biker with a deafening roar the first festive movement . Behind them, leading the convoy, was driving a white convertible BMV, the passengers of which were best graduate schools 2009 Behind the wheel sat the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk – I. Kulichenko And . For a tuple unit was located drummers from the Palace of students.

White open platform . decorated with flowers, wedding arches and a throne for the young from the floral Studio “Elf” TM”Fiori” was the head of column wedding from brides with grooms. With this platform lit procession leading Porubov Artem and Tatiana. Tatiana was surprised by her original image of the bride, was working on the Barber Prokofiev’s Eugene and makeup artist Sinegen Olga .

Music on the platform was managed by dj Sheitan MC . Skillfully playing on the turntables, courtesy of a night club “Style Famous InCo” . inserted among the hits songs composed specifically for this holiday:

Song No. 1 – words and music Denisenko Marina, project management Klochko-Shemyakin Lyudmila . included in the final “karaoke on the Maidan” in Dnepropetrovsk.

Song No. 2 – a writer and performer Anna Cherenkova .

Behind the platform was moving our beauties ex-brides with their husbands. Kids from creative teams, show-ballets and youth areas. All were in colorful costumes, looked very bright and beautiful! In procession, during the movement belonged everyone the audience, with white balloons in his hands.

Turning from the Avenue of Karl Marx on Lenin street, the procession stopped at the first maternity hospital, and in honor of newborn babies Dnepropetrovsk and their moms in the sky were launched 200 red hearts.

After that, the columns of the Carnival moved to festival pier, where we were met by leading Turenkova Anna. When all brides took the stage, the mayor of the city of Kulichenko Ivan congratulated the residents of Dnipropetrovsk with the celebration of Youth Day and Constitution Day .

Also were announced the results of the contest held within the framework of the Carnival. Evaluated the works of masters makeup artist international class Oksana Ermakova, a leading expert hairdressing “fashion” Inna Picus, photographer Elsukov Alexey, Director of the consulting firm hair extension “Elite-beauty” Carandas Julia and organizer of the Carnival and President of TM ’Fiori”, Denisenko Marina.


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