French carnivals

In the word “carnival” all immediately imagine Rio de Janeiro, where the biggest, most colorful and most famous carnival in the world. However, the spirit of the costumed parade is typical for all nationalities. France is no exception. Carnival in Annecy is no worse than the original Venetian. Paris carnival or the carnival in Guadeloupe also will not leave indifferent curious tourists.French carnivals

Carnival in Guadeloupe (January 8 – 22 February).

This outlandish carnival is perhaps one of the most important for France and the inhabitants of this region. Within two months, from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday, the Department lives in the rhythm of carnival. In all the cities of the region are organized beauty contests, costume parade that marches on carts, as well as dance marathons and balls. On ash Wednesday with the sign of the end of the carnival on the square solemnly burnt the effigy of Vavala, king of carnival.

«Paris carnival” (February 19).

Tradition, originating in the Middle ages and which for a long time one of the most important in the world, has survived to this day. Her incarnation was “Paris carnival”. It takes place on Sunday week before oil. The presence of cows at the head Continue reading

The weirdest festivals of the world It’s fun!

Jeremy hunter has devoted 35 years of his life to photographing ancient magic rituals and festivals in sixty countries. We offer to your attention a small selection of his photographs from the project “Celebrate all year round”.


1. For centuries the peoples of the highland districts of Papua New Guinea fought for land, women and pigs. Witchcraft and the calling of spirits was considered a good weapon to repel the attacks of the invaders, members of clans have coated your own body figures out of clay and created a scary mask. It was part of a psychological attack against the invasion of their territory by other clans. Pictured is a resident of the village in the valley of Vanghi, near the town of mount Hagen.

2. Group dancing and singing is one of the rituals of clans in Papua New Guinea, with which the members of the community Express their unity and solidarity. The photograph is of the faithful dance of the snake, executable by the clan Apenda, Leh, near Morobe.

3. In the period from September to November 18-day Burmese festival Fung Dau, passing on Inle lake allows the indigenous Intha, «sons of the lake», to worship the five Continue reading

Results of the Carnival of Love 2009

Five months of hard work and now the day has come! The first Carnival of Love in Dnepropetrovsk!

The day before the event was nervous even the bride. Worried, they say, before the wedding. Very worried about the weather since a week before the holiday weather forecasters promised heavy rain. And here on June 28. Summer Sunday afternoon. Sunny weather first pleased with all participants.

From the early morning of hairdressers and makeup artists worked on the image brides-participants. Some of them, besides the stated 3 brides, created by the images and the other participants of the Carnival that seemed impossible, because time was very little. So, the No. 1 team . within which were a talented young Barber Kalashnikov and makeup artist Anastasia Kravchenko Olga created a unique vivid image of the author of the idea of the Carnival Denisenko Marina . On her hair worked for about 3 hours. Barber Eugene Prokofiev (No. 2 team) for the allotted time managed to transform one of the leading – Porubov Tatiana . to create the images of angels and make interesting hair models. Makeup artist Sinegen Olga hairdresser and Shcherbakov Mila worked on the second leading – Anna Cherenkova .

By one o’clock in the lobby of the Theatre Continue reading

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The weirdest festivals of the world It's fun!
Jeremy hunter has devoted 35 years of his life to photographing ancient magic rituals and festivals in sixty countries. We offer to your attention a small selection of his photographs…

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