Festivals in July

Summer – festivals, so don’t miss all the fun. Listen to music, dance, swim, sunbathe, eat and smazyvaesh paints. In this article you will read about the most interesting of July festivals.

1. Bass Generation-open air

Date . from 5 to 7 July.

Place . S. Schastlivtsevo, Henichesk district, Kherson region.

This festival for electronic music lovers. You enjoy premium dubstep and drum’n’bass. Among the famous participants of the festival: Tapolsky, Hectix, Blood DJ, Octane, “Stereotype”, Polak and others.

2. Great Crimean summer beer festival

Date . from 5 July to 20 August.

Place . 5-9 July – Kerch, 12-16 July – Theodosius, 19-23 July – Koktebel, 26-30 July – Zander, 2-6 August – Alushta, 9-13 August – Yalta, 16-20 August – Sevastopol.

Beer lovers should not miss this huge event. You will have the opportunity to enjoy different varieties of beer, to participate in the Championships, watch night beach show, listen to concerts, and even participate in culinary competitions.

3. The cabbage festival in Cefalu

Place . S. Body, Berehovo district, Transcarpathian region

In the Ukrainian Transcarpathian village is inhabited by Hungarians. They believe that the smaller Continue reading

French carnivals

In the word “carnival” all immediately imagine Rio de Janeiro, where the biggest, most colorful and most famous carnival in the world. However, the spirit of the costumed parade is typical for all nationalities. France is no exception. Carnival in Annecy is no worse than the original Venetian. Paris carnival or the carnival in Guadeloupe also will not leave indifferent curious tourists.French carnivals

Carnival in Guadeloupe (January 8 – 22 February).

This outlandish carnival is perhaps one of the most important for France and the inhabitants of this region. Within two months, from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday, the Department lives in the rhythm of carnival. In all the cities of the region are organized beauty contests, costume parade that marches on carts, as well as dance marathons and balls. On ash Wednesday with the sign of the end of the carnival on the square solemnly burnt the effigy of Vavala, king of carnival.

«Paris carnival” (February 19).

Tradition, originating in the Middle ages and which for a long time one of the most important in the world, has survived to this day. Her incarnation was “Paris carnival”. It takes place on Sunday week before oil. The presence of cows at the head Continue reading

Scenario of a corporate party

Continue talking about the festive day «Fascinating Bonsai» even in the project was not. I hope you have already watched the first part about how it was organized at one of my former work in the midst of a global financial crisis, the holiday on February 23 defender of the Fatherland day.

Script corporate event we conceived and organized their own means, connected to the collection of various military regalia items to create a festive entourage of friends.

Girls dressed borrowed tunic and a cap. Successfully conducted competitions, tests. But it globally throughout the firm in the same departments the employee showed more ingenuity to deliver a pleasant experience to men. Ahead you will find the continuation of the implementation of the creative thinking of the female half of CJSC “Mobikom-Caucasus” (now Caucasian f-l OJSC “MegaFon”). Your guide and paparazzi all you show and tell. So, discovered a mysterious CAT. It says so on the door. What will we see there? >>>


On the ground floor not for nothing are the offices of one of the departments, reporting to the technical Director. Once there were 4 technical unit (Department) in the aggregate and all fit on one floor, here. They Continue reading

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