Our beautiful cosplayers, anime festival

Origami and quilling

With origami familiar adults and children. Many as from any comer of a sheet of paper folded boat, airplane, frog. Quilling or quilling – making different shapes with narrow and long strips of paper.

Violation of color of hair

Hair is born, lives and dies in accordance with its specific life cycle. My hair person perceives as something evident. Not lend them special attention as long as they do not begin to happen something unusual. Change the appearance of hair is a direct consequence of changes in the internal organs.

With costumed games we are introduced to kindergarten. Who was not a rabbit, snowflake, snowman? Pakosta some individuals go in theatrical circles just to at least sometimes to dress and privatise as it is not customary to walk the streets. Routine is boring and sticky. This is why young girls dream to get married and always in a Princess dress. For once in your life. to do makeup, hair, dress gorgeous dress. who knows how it’s going. Continue reading


In the Czech capital hosted the satirical carnival.

The Czech capital on Sunday held a satirical carnival . devoted to the struggle for freedom and democracy. It is reported “Radio Prague”, reports UNN.

About 200 people wore a mask, reflective phenomenon in Czech society, which are criticized.

19 July in Monaco will host the carnival.

Became known, the theme of the next carnival of well as.

Traditional carnival in Venice will be held from 15 February to 4 March 2014. The theme of this popular in Europe costumed celebration will be the interaction of humans and the environment and the natural world, reports UNN citing foreign media.

In Brazil’s famous carnival begins.

Friday, February 28, in Brazil begins world-famous carnival . a national holiday that await get prepared for throughout the year. Residents of the largest cities in the country for a whole week hold music, dancing and fun.

Every city deserves special attention and attracts thousands of tourists, but Rio de Janeiro is a special case and to the carnival in Rio.

The carnival of Venice.

In Italy, in the city of canals and lovers, in Venice, February Continue reading

Indian festivals Holi and Diwali

There is nothing that reveals the person, the country and even the whole nation as joy, hope, faith, love, and death. Their light (Yes, you read that right, death is also not devoid of light) fills and reveals the deepest corners of our souls, showing us face each other for who they really are, it penetrates between the bricks of the most skillful state masonry walls, and behind them…Behind them is always the same. But to understand this we have to undergo a variety of ways.

Don’t be afraid to dive into the life of the place in which you came. Go beyond the tourist districts, to leave resort towns, is in regular local Diners and including…visit the holidays.

We can say for sure that if you were on any holiday in your favorite country, did not attend either wedding . funeral service and are not seen as symbolically taking in the life of the new man may suspect that you just drove past beautiful scenery, and can be filled with a kind of life, maybe even great, but having the most distant relation to the country in which you came.

Familiarity with holidays India, I recommend starting with Holi or Diwali. Diwali and Holi is probably the most loved by tourists and the most famous Indian festival. Their symbolism Continue reading

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