In Ekaterinburg made the best clowns of the world

One viewers like buffoonery with bright painted faces of clowns, and the other classical methods, the third is new, as they say themselves clowns, carucci, gags, which had not been demonstrated. Photo press service of the Yekaterinburg circus.

Yekaterinburg circus spent the VI world festival of clowns, which for four days has visited more than twenty thousand inhabitants of the capital of the Urals and visitors alike. This time everything clowns participated for the first time. And many of them first visited in Russia.

The audience favorite of the festival was the American Bello Nock. Three times he appeared on the arena. And every room had probably remained in the memory of viewers, especially the last movement, jumping on the trampoline, hung in the air in various poses. Not to laugh, looking at him, it was simply impossible. After the show, when it was announced that every viewer can get an autograph from any of the participants of the festival and take a picture with him, Bello Knock was surrounded by the crowd of enthusiastic young and adult fans.

Most lyrical clown festival, without doubt, Francesco (France). A number of the earth (air) ball was very simple, yet very touching. Paul Morocco and OLE plus ‘Deluded lunatics”, representing Spain and the USA, with their virtuoso musical performance could participate in a music festival. However, they masterfully coped not only with guitars, but with tennis rackets.

Encouraged by the Russians — movable, free-wheeling “the Grandchildren of Lieutenant Schmidt” quickly found the contact with the audience. And it was their room was completed with the submission. For the first time in the history of the festival was attended by artists from Ekaterinburg — the clown-the company “Jolly Roger” next to eminent foreigners looked quite decent. Talking after the presentation to an audience, I heard that our boys liked them the most.

Perhaps a few other weaker looked Rob Locke (China-USA), as well as musical eccentrics “ROS Revelino” from Spain. The latter was selected to open the festival. But their humor, sometimes below the belt, not too clear to the Russian audience.

Only in Ekaterinburg!World festival of clowns.

Clowns speak the same language

— the aim of our festival — first of all, familiarity with the genre of clowning other countries, expansion, strengthening of international relations, contribution to the positive image of the Ekaterinburg region and Russia, — the Director of the Yekaterinburg circus Anatoly Marchevsky. — Because the media who write about the circus in Europe, always talking about the Ekaterinburg circus, the capital of the Urals. The festival — and a master class for students and Amateur circuses. It and tourism: to visit as a spectator at the festival, come to us not only from Russia but also from abroad. Call and ask for a reservation in our hotel. So the festival does many good things. I’m not talking about the fact that it elevates the mood, creates the energy content, which brings joy to the audience. We have dedicated our festivals Yengibarov, Nikulin, Chaplin. Now we start the new format — this festival was built on what had taken them into the school clowns — “ha-Ha-damijo” taught “ha-ha-damici”.

— Festival of clowns — your know-how?

— Such show in the world. I know of no other festival in the world with nothing but clowns. The participants unanimously say: «We do not know”. When we started, the audience thought that the festival will be incomprehensible because of ignorance of the languages. And it turned out that clowns speak the same language. The language of humor. He needs no translation. Any new business needs to unwind, to create the name. This can be done by creating a quality product. I think that today, the festival already has a name. Clowns say: “We are very happy that we were invited”. Some interrupted their tour for a week to come to Ekaterinburg. We wanted our festival to roll around Russia, but there is one major problem — the artists painted the work schedule of five years. And pull them out for a month is very difficult, because they — the main characters in many bands, are employed in many shows. Only out of respect to Yekaterinburg, to the uniqueness of this festival and the desire to visit Russia and to stay in this exceptionally clown atmosphere, they were able to highlight the week. For the week can still be stopped touring for a month — is quite difficult.

Good is good, stupidity is stupidity

— How did you choose the clowns at the festival?

— Generally, clowns difficult to find. Outstanding you two dozen will not gain on the entire globe. There is a mega-star, there are only good clowns. Many people ask: when will it come those that have already been? If it will continue, so we will invite participants of the previous festivals, from those who are free. But for now, I want to have the maximum number of new names. At the V festival was attended by one clown from the previous four. Prior to this, were added to the membership of one particularly favorite artist from the previous festivals. Then the party came to us with a different repertoire. Cush-MA-Cush always ask. He twice came to the festival and again on the anniversary to me. Looking at whole material for this year’s festival, I tried to clowns were different, and that their humor was understandable to our audience. Because the humor is specific to each country. But there are things in the world are the same: good is good, sadness is sadness and stupidity is stupidity. Any clown — people from that time in which he lives. And clowning, which was performed 10 years ago, not to mention clowning thirty years ago, it may be incomprehensible to modern audiences, if this is not the classical repertoire. It all depends on acting, on the ability of a man to beat a particular situation, his energy, charm, costume, music. It’s like taking a piano, a Grand piano, and say: well, what’s new — the same keys. But because of these keys to different melodies are born. In any art as well. Clown — it is primarily the internal state of the actor, his energy, which is transmitted to the viewer. And the ability to quickly establish contact with the audience, to inspire confidence in the viewer, to charm him, and work to entertain him.

— When he plotted the VI festival, not with the thoughts that will hold it, and that’s enough?

— Each time on the eve of the festival, think, all, want, tired, tired, I will not, will spend this — and that’s all! And when the next festival passes, you begin to think: okay, one will hold. Because it is difficult to refuse the satisfaction from the work that brought pleasure to not only the audience, but also to you.


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