Happy New Year. New Year on the threshold

Blue wooden Horse now knocks at every man’s door!

Soon will come the most important, the most striking and fabulous holiday on the planet — the NEW YEAR!

The children are already rubbing their palms in anticipation of holiday gifts, write letters to Santa Claus, telling rhymes and songs under the Christmas tree, all in anticipation of a Magical night!

Millions of people have come up with a plan of celebration of this extraordinary event — who with friends in good company, someone with family in the cozy family circle. And someone need to work and new year’s eve — if it’s boring long changing or maintaining corporate events, holiday parties.

Here it became even more interesting, friends — and You in the new year’s eve was lucky enough to choose the place for the holiday, or were lucky enough to meet the chime for a work machine??

What you’re a lucky guy? — WRITE in the COMMENTS.

And still we all prepare for this holiday! And even the process of cooking, you will agree, much nicer, more exciting, longer than then the Christmas night — for some reason it ends so fast….

The chiming clock — it’s only a minute.

Moment, in which you need to get dearest, fondest wish for the coming year!

And even the most skeptical people and those still mentally make a wish, when starting at midnight solemnly to beat the chimes!

Therefore it is necessary to prepare carefully for this moment!

After all, they say

New year’s eve great miracles are happening !

Think carefully and make exactly what You really need, what You want, what you want to achieve! Don’t say thoughtless words.

Because thought and speech material.

Wish yourself and others wholeheartedly, with all my Heart — and it cannot fail.


They say that congratulating someone need to wish as myself. Because everything comes back exactly — mirroring.

How we treat others, and the environment will relate to us!

Let’s be honest with each other! Especially in this wonderful, truly MAGICAL new year’s eve.

And now, when we are all pre-new year rush we select each other gifts, prepare surprises — it’s such a good excuse to connect with someone, to remember long-forgotten friend or acquaintance.

And even stranger is also nice to do something good . even seemingly very little — to bring a smile and good mood is guaranteed both! Very often, when we think for another it «the smallness», in fact for him it’s more than that — think about it.

Here we are today on the eve of the Christmas Holidays wish from all my heart, with all my Heart to GIVE YOU a bit of GOOD MOOD — press more on the Card!

And if some of You are still not included in the pre-new vanity — we hope that the joyful mood of us definitely will help You with this!

We hope that we have been able to infect You Christmas, cheerful and good mood?!

Year 2013, the year of the Snake is quickly coming to its end.

So let the outgoing year will be remembered for only the brightest and most interesting experiences!

How was 2013 for YOU? Whether he was full of significant events?

Was there anything that left a lasting impression and influenced Your life?

It is nice to reminisce about the good times!!

Let the New year will be much more — GOOD and MEMORABLE MOMENTS that are making a difference in Your Life!

Let Your dreams will come true! May the wonderful euphoria of the night does not pass until the end of the year! Let the end of the countdown clock will arrive to You inspiration, strength and energy mascot of 2014!

May the coming year bring many wonderful moments . and the twists of fate let only lead to positive results!

We wish You good athletic health, earthly happiness, prosperity!

Happy New year!


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