Off the coast of Brazil, Olinda, you will find white beaches and beautiful carnivals

Amazingly beautiful city and the resort Olinda

Olinda is a small city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco.

The city is home to slightly less than 400 thousand people.

It is located on the extreme Eastern point of the coast of Brazil, on the Atlantic ocean.

Just at the very sharp corner of the continent of South America, known for a large physical map of the world hanging in every school.

The city is built a bit further South (8°) at the equator, where eternal summer reigns, and the proximity of the ocean significantly softens the heat of the tropics, making this place truly a Paradise.

The city was founded in 1535 by the Portuguese, sought after by Spain to the development of new lands in the West.

It is possible to understand woozy from the long voyage of a Portuguese captain, who, seeing beautiful beaches, fertile soil and lush vegetation exclaimed: “Oh, Linda!”, which translated from Portuguese means “How beautiful!”.

But even for us, not too tired on long trips, this city and the area around it will seem a Paradise.

Almost endless ocean beaches of Brazil with fine white sand, nice looking terrain with low hills covered with palm groves.

The valleys between them filled with flowering tropical plants, whimsical rugged ocean winds rock – and all this in the land of eternal summer.

Truly there from what dizzy!

Than the wonderful Olinda?

Olinda is really one of the most beautiful and rich natural environment of the Brazilian States.

Latin America is rich in historical monuments and cities with unique stories of the conquest:

Here you will learn about the Mexican city of Guadalajara, and see its main attractions

But after reading this article you will be inspired by the spirit of piracy Colombian city of Cartagena:

From the first day of inception, it enjoyed great popularity among the wealthy landowners growing here sugar cane.

They did not skimp on the construction of houses, temples, improvement of the city. Now all this grandeur of the colonial architecture has been preserved almost unchanged.

This city is the garden of Eden with the greatest number of monuments per unit area in the entire southern hemisphere.

Just walk through the ancient streets along the houses with white columns and pediments in the antique style, Baroque churches and chapels, numerous parks of the historic city can be an unforgettable experience.

No wonder this city since 1982, is under the protection of UNESCO.

What other interesting Olinda for tourists?


The tourist infrastructure in Olinda is very well developed.

In this city everyone can find the hotel of your liking and can afford.

Most economy-class hotels or even very affordable hostels, but there are also chic by local standards 4 star hotels.

You can stay in small family hotels, and the range of prices and facilities provided to tourists in this sector is very large.


In a large number of museums located in the buildings of the XVIII century, there is a wonderful local history Museum that contains artifacts of this period.

All that in the 17th or 18th century, tried to destroy the Dutch, who founded here a colony – Recife, currently the million metropolis, located seven miles from orinda.

In this city there are museums of modern and religious art, the Museum of dolls (Museudo Mamulengo) and many other cultural institutions.

If there is a great desire to spend time indoors, you can visit two sea fortress that protected the port.

The Fort of St. Francis, built in the XVII century, is a large, full fortecia that I can travel the whole day.

There is a fortress and a smaller one that residents of the small size Cheese called Fort (Fortimde Queiijo).

Interesting to explore and the Governor’s Palace, he looks exactly as we imagine building such a purpose.


Not to say about the beaches of Olinda would be a crime.

This is a main attraction for tourists who want to soak up the warm sand and swim in the azure waters of the Atlantic ocean, including in the wrong, according to the Russians, for bathing time – for example during the new year holidays.

The strip of beaches in Olinda -11 kilometers, it is a solid white, clean, fine sand.

The water in the ocean never cools to a temperature below 23°C, so here you can swim as soon as the sun rises, unlike the beaches of the Crimea, when the hours before 10 am in the water to climb is not very desirable.

Or go here to read about the gorgeous beaches of the pearl of Brazil, Natal

In this article, learn what the climate will be waiting for you in Brazil by month:

On the beach organized camping and all the tourist infrastructure.

Entry into the water is very shallow, so the beaches of Olinda is the ideal place for families with children.

Another feature of Olinda is its own carnival.

Carnival in Olinda

In Brazil, carnival in Olinda is worth visiting especially.

It is held every year from the third to the tenth of February.

Unlike carnival in Rio de Janeiro, is absolutely democratic event, which involved all the residents and guests of the city.

There are no restrictions, for example, it is not necessary to prepare special costumes.

Also on this carnival did not focus on the Samba, then sound the rhythms of afoxe, Maracatu, frevo.

The only thing they have similar is the intensity of uncontrollable mirth.

At the head of the carnival procession are giant puppets, and everyone who came out to the street, join the dance and carnival madness.

The division between spectators and actors at the carnival in Olinda is not. Differences by gender and age too.

How to get to Olinda?

The nearest major town to the city of Recife, capital of Pernambuco state, from him to Olinda 15 minutes by car.

In this city there is an international airport Guararapes. Direct flights from Russia to him, unfortunately, no.

There are flights from Madrid and Frankfurt. To the rest of the centers of tourism in Brazil, this city is just far enough away.


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