Gelendzhik carnival

Description of the object

1. Carnival in Gelendzhik. Held annually on the occasion of the opening of the bathing season. Festive columns carnival procession through the streets: Lunacharsky, Lenin – Promenade – Surf.

The history of Gelendzhik carnival originated in the seventies of the twentieth century. Then in each resort resort held its celebration of the opening of the holiday season, but city-wide events.And although in Gelendzhik those years successfully entertained people the stars of theater, film and pop stars, but vacationers wanted something new. And then it was decided that the opening of each holiday season to celebrate special unlike other events, holiday – city CARNIVAL.For example I decided to take the carnivals of Brazil. The first carnival was held in Noumea in 1971 and immediately became a cultural event of the year. Then there was a second, third, fourth. The nineties steel city carnival a serious test. Practically, he experienced “clinical death”, but still. revived. The initiator of the revival of the city carnival in Gelendzhik were made by the mayor of the city Sergey Ozerov. And in 1998, carnival city again became regular! In 2006, the carnival in Gelendzhik celebrated its 35th anniversary!

The objective of the carnival is to attract as many people as possible in Gelendzhik district – in the city-resort and nearby towns – Kabardinka, a Betta, dzhankhot, Arkhipo-Osipovka and the village of Divnomorskoye.

2. Happening all around. The presentation is preceded by a large, festive carnival procession. Traditionally, the carnival convoy of colourful cars, costumed characters, puppets and other artistic images and elements. During the movement of the column occur impromptu mini-performance, the activation of the audience, creating an atmosphere of celebration. And carnival parades throughout the day at several venues concerts, street game programs, performances, and sports events in tennis, volleyball, acrobatics, Taekwon-up, health and fitness race and climbing Marketsci ridge tournament on sports dances, sea regatta. In short, not boring.

In the program of the Carnival also included: a children’s mini carnival “On the track, on the Boulevard, across the globe”, exhibitions of artists, folk festivals, fairs and festival of national cuisines, entertainment in restaurants and cafes.

The final “chord” of the festive program usually in the evening is the performance of the “stars” of the Russian platform. For example, last year it was a concert of Lolita. After, be sure the fireworks, which every year becomes more sophisticated. And disco until late.

3. The program:

June 4.

9.30 Sailing regatta “Seven feet under the keel” the waters of Gelendzhik Bay.

10.00 Historical reenactment, theatrical performance “the history of the missing pages” Small pier, Central square, near the sculpture “White bride”

10.00 Opening of the Fair, festive goods, best Kuban producers “It’s fair colors!” (Creative performances and entertainment, games and contests. Job costumed carnival characters) plane-tree alley

10.00-12.00 Performances of sports teams “Sport is our destiny!?” the scene at the amusement Park “Recreation”

10.00-14.00 Performances of creative collectives: “going To miss you, my Gelendzhik” (vocal and dance ensembles, creative collectives of national cultures, spiritual and jazz orchestras, theatres mod, game programs, etc.) PL. n. a. Pogodin, PL. Lermontov, PL. Fair, square on Plane-tree alley

10.00-12.00 Theatrical Playground “Visit to Imperatrice” the main entrance to the City Museum

10.00 exhibition of paintings, floral design, and other works of art “Gelendzhik Vernissage” Square on the Promenade between them square. Lermontov and Museum

10.00-14.00 Games and concert program “Is a new summer plays” Sports and playgrounds in neighborhoods

10.30 Concert on the Main stage of the Central square.

11.00 opening of the fountain square. Pogodin

12.00-14.00 Masquerade “smiles of a summer resort” Main stage on the Central square

19.00-20.00 “summer Tunes” performed by instrumental ensembles, orcestral. them. Lermontov, PL. Pogodin, Fair PL.

20.00-23.30 Concert programs at venues, “Well Hello, new holiday season!” PL. Lermontov, PL. Pogodin, Fair PL.

20.30-22.00 performance of the participants of the carnival of the column “business card holders resort!”

20.15 the Beginning of the movement carnival “Carnival 2011” from the intersection of street and Marine street. Lunacharsky

21.00 Beginning of the Opening ceremony of the holiday season “Carnival 2011”. Festive performance of “Gelendzhik: from the beginning — in the future!” Main stage Central square

22.30 Concert of Russian and foreign pop “Resort kaleidoscope”. The performance of the legendary Italian band Ricchi e Poveri (Ricky and Believe) the Main stage of the Central square.

23.30 Fireworks over the Bay of Gelendzhik “Carnival lights Gelendzhik” (will be delayed for half an hour) the water area of Gelendzhik Bay

23.30-01.00 Youth dance program(dance), “Let’s go party Gelendzhik, yo!” PL. Pogodin

June 5, 2011.

10.00 Fair holiday products, best Kuban producers “It’s fair colors!” Plane-tree alley

10.00 beach sports Central beach

10.30 Meeting with costumed carnival groups and characters in “It’s a miracle — carnival!” the centre, sycamore Avenue

11.00-13.00 concerts at venues “Resort Ray — 2011” Main stage on the Central square square to them. Lermontov, PL. Pogodin, PL. Fair

11.00-13.00 Game programs for children and adolescents “World of fantasy new summer” scene amusement Park

16.30 starting a children’s carnival procession from the street Corsalini, Crtvu

17.00-18.00 Children’s Carnival “around the globe” Main stage Central square

19.00-22.00 Concert programs at venues “the city where the stray dreams.” Fair PL.

20.00-23.00 Extravaganza show “Good evening, Gelendzhik!” Main stage PL. Central

June 11, 2011.

10.00 Fair festive goods “Gifts of Kuban” plane-tree alley

10.00 exhibitions of art and crafts “Cultures of Molitor unites the peoples of the” Central Park alleys of the city

18.00-20.00 “Youth of Kuban is a great Force!” entertainment concert program PL. Pogodina

20.00 opening of the Spa season in S. S. Kabardinka Kabardinka

20.00 opening of the Spa season in Plesetsk rural district betta

June 12

10.00 Fair festive goods “Gifts of Kuban” plane-tree alley

10.00 exhibitions of art and crafts “our strength Into a Single” Central Park alleys of the city

11.00-14.00 “the Sun in Russia!” — holiday program, “Health — the key to success” — honey fair, as well as products of rural producers of municipal formation the city-resort Gelendzhik, master classes in applied art square. Pogodin

18.00-20.00 “We are your people — Russia” — concert of creative collectives and the ensemble of Cossack song “Krinitsa” square. Pogodin

21.00-00.00 Youth dance program(club) “live it up, young people!” PL. Pogodin

20.00-23.00 Concert program “Where youth Gelendzhik mine?” square. Lermontov, Armoracia PL.

20.00 Opening of the holiday season in the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka resort of Arkhipo-Osipovka

20.00 opening of the Spa season in Divnomorskoye rural district

4. Festive columns carnival procession through the streets: Lunacharsky, Lenin – Promenade – Surf.

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6. Identifying features: the Main symbol of the Carnival is a festive procession, in Gelendzhik carnival imitate the world famous Brazilian carnival

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