10 best Latin American carnivals: this is a must see!

When we have snow, in a hot Sunny summer Latin America on the eve of lent begins time carnivals. To see the famous procession of half-naked beauties dancing Samba drumbeat, you can go not only in Rio de Janeiro. A whirlwind of merry madness sweeps these days over all the countries of the continent.


The most spectacular show of the planet is held annually in the last week before lent in Rio de Janeiro. Customs of ritual dances of African slaves and European traditions of Catholic immigrants to arrange riotous celebrations on the eve of a long period of abstinence mixed and has today become a colorful procession-the competition between 14 the most famous Samba schools. The fun begins on Friday when the mayor hands over the keys of the city to the carnival king, becoming a full-fledged ruler, which can even publish any laws.

Each Samba school prepares its own statement, lasting 82 minutes. The column that needs to walk in front of the audience and the jury, composed of 3-5 thousand people: and “foot” dancing beauty, and moving platforms, which can redeem anyone, who does not wish to part with a few hundred euros, in order to pass 700 meters along the sambadrome – a special alley, surrounded by bleachers. In each of the Samba schools for a year rehearsing the dance, make costumes, come up with a design carts, developed the script of a theatrical procession, and because in Brazil they say that the carnival begins on the day after its completion.


Rousing songs and dances, colorful costumes decorated with feathers and sequins, do not leave the streets of the Argentine cities in two months. In this country is the longest carnival in the world. About the first Saturday of January to the first Saturday of March every weekend the streets are filled with dancers, the rhythm of the fight of hundreds of drums perform sultry Samba. And the most colorful festivals are held not in the capital. If you want to be in the midst of events, go to towns Gualeguaychu, Corrientes, Libresse and Pastels. It is there waiting for you carnival field-“kartodromo” and the longest grandstand for spectators.


Own carnival is, even in this small country. Don’t miss the opening of the festival – a Grand parade in San Pedro! Among the most popular activities – competition dancers, and the most popular usually are dressed in female dress male. Only putting on a carnival for your best outfit, know that at this time people sprinkle each other with colored powder.


In whatever region of Bolivia you are not rested, the ten-day carnival will overtake you everywhere. Happy holiday appeared in the XVIII century, when the local Indians were forced to disguise their pagan rites to Catholic holidays. The most famous, recognized by the UN “the Spiritual heritage of humanity” carnival held in the town of Oruro. Tens of thousands dressed dancers and musicians take part in the main parade, which lasts 20 hours. The most ancient dance of this festival tells of the struggle of good and evil and called diablada. And ends the five-kilometer procession universal kneeling in front of the Church dedicated to the virgin Mary.


For Venezuelans carnival – the most favorite holiday. For a few days business life of the country freezes, and in all the cities there are colorful events, and in each their own. After this time several settlements, you may be surprised to find that the traditions everywhere are fundamentally different: in some music festivals, the processions, in the third – played folk performances. However, travel during carnival in the country is not recommended: too many drunk and drugged different substances people sit behind the wheel of that every year causes a lot of accidents.

Dominican Republic

If the beginning of lent, and you think you’ve already missed this year’s carnivals, go to the Dominican Republic. A holiday in this country only begins on February 28 and lasts a whole week (although in the provinces can roam under the national rhythms of merengue melodies that will not stop until Easter). The main character of representations of the devil. And in every region of the country it is a tradition to decorate in their own way. The final procession of carriages arriving from all corners of the country, held in Santo Domingo, on the waterfront. Here, in the capital, handing out awards for the best performance.


In this country there is one of the largest carnivals in the world, declared by UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Venue – the city of Barranquilla. Many years ago a religious holiday mixed with the local traditions: African slaves celebrated my one year in a day. Theatre, singing, dancing – all merged together and turned into a Grand spectacular. The first parade is held in January. It begins with the reading of the decree. Nightly processions, children’s procession, orchestra performances last couple of weeks.

Trinidad and Tobago

Carnival in this tiny island nation on entertainment is not inferior to the Brazilian. The celebration lasts only 2 days, but it is the noisy, wild and crazy celebration throughout the Caribbean. The opening of the carnival takes place in the capital in Queen-Savannah-Park. Days and nights under the open sky hosts music and dance performances, fairs, exhibitions, all kinds of colorful shows and competitions Calypso – unique music of the African slaves who were forbidden to communicate, and because they were forced to replace the special songs.

Spring carnival in Atacama is probably the most “non-touristy” of all these Latin American holidays. Only a lucky few foreigners get to see everything that happens with your own eyes. The locals don’t want it involved outsiders, and therefore would not inform visiting guests where he will go.

If you happen to hear music and singing, brace yourself for the unexpected: in these days everyone decided to dust with flour, and then pour grape juice. Carnival in Chile is not like the usual colourful dance procession. In Atacama, the participants of the action. singing carols: go from house to house, singing a kind of ditties and accept from the owners uncomplicated treat.


Carnival in Dominica is the best time to visit the island. In these days of costumed groups fill the streets of the capital, Roseau, where are colourful and noisy contests with a choice of Queen of the carnival, and Calypso singers competing in the performance of songs in the most current this year’s theme. Local celebration not become an exact copy of the other Caribbean carnivals, and preserve cultural traditions of the island and displaced persons. During the procession, the participants of the carnival dressed in traditional West African costumes made of ropes and banana leaves and supplemented by the mask. And ends with the celebration of the burning of the spirit of the carnival that marks the beginning of lent.

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