Indian festivals Holi and Diwali

There is nothing that reveals the person, the country and even the whole nation as joy, hope, faith, love, and death. Their light (Yes, you read that right, death is also not devoid of light) fills and reveals the deepest corners of our souls, showing us face each other for who they really are, it penetrates between the bricks of the most skillful state masonry walls, and behind them…Behind them is always the same. But to understand this we have to undergo a variety of ways.

Don’t be afraid to dive into the life of the place in which you came. Go beyond the tourist districts, to leave resort towns, is in regular local Diners and including…visit the holidays.

We can say for sure that if you were on any holiday in your favorite country, did not attend either wedding . funeral service and are not seen as symbolically taking in the life of the new man may suspect that you just drove past beautiful scenery, and can be filled with a kind of life, maybe even great, but having the most distant relation to the country in which you came.

Familiarity with holidays India, I recommend starting with Holi or Diwali. Diwali and Holi is probably the most loved by tourists and the most famous Indian festival. Their symbolism will be close to you even if you are not interested in Indian culture and religion. For it is difficult to find a man who will impress their two main elements — color and light. The popularity of Diwali and Holi among tourists is also due to the fact that they are the most comfortable for a visit to India, the time is dry season.

Let’s start with the story of Diwali — the Festival of Lights, symbolizing the victory of forces of light over the forces of darkness, desire and the return of the soul to the light.

If you are looking forward to the end of the rainy season to finally go to the Indian ocean (which in your case is likely to be the Arabian sea), try to make your trip dropped the end of October-beginning of November and do not forget to check my calendar Indian holidays for the current year, the exact date of the celebration of Diwali is “floating”, it depends on the lunar calendar.

Preparations for Diwali scale is not inferior to the European preparation for the New year and Christmas. It should be noted that for the Indian community Diwali actually symbolizes the beginning of the new year. A couple of weeks before the holiday markets fill the trays with sweets, gifts and firecrackers. Profit for sellers of metal utensils — because it’s what you want to buy so that next year you waited wellbeing.

In tourist areas, restaurants and cafes are hung garlands and decorative lanterns with wishes of “happy Divali”. On the eve of the holiday, decided to carry out General cleaning, get rid of junk and clutter, to forgive, to pay the debts.

During the celebration, which lasts five days, thousands of lights (no wonder the second name of the holiday Festival of Lights pierce the darkness, filling the space with warm light in the sky fly firecrackers, candles everywhere, garlands, lanterns. Not without theatrical performances and burnings of effigies of demons.

As our New Year Diwali is hard to imagine without gifts — they can be both expensive and large and symbolic like small figurines or coins with images of Lakshmi and Ganesha. symbolizing prosperity.

Overall chaotic to the casual viewer, Diwali traditional and ritualized to detail — painted all: what day what God to make offerings, how to do the cleaning, what to burn effigies, etc.

Many people in India start preparing for Diwali for a few months before it starts: adhere to a particular post, perform rituals, meditate, remember ancestors, experiencing a kind of symbolic dive into the darkness, without which there’d been no ward of light…

But most tourists Diwali sees only a beautiful Festival that however, does not prevent to be imbued with its spirit. We all instinctively feel the power of fire, fire turns to what is beyond our illusions and if we are willing to let it in, if we are sensitive — we are waiting for an amazing discovery of who we are, who you were and will always be.

During Diwali all over India for five days (2 days before the holiday and 3 at the time) are a special festive Puja — beautiful offerings to the gods, filled with the hope of people’s faces also lit with smiles.

Tourists also do not avoid treatment from darkness to light. No autumn Blues will not endure such a spectacle and if you arrive on Diwali, the victory of forces of light over the forces of darkness will not escape, and your soul. Autumn mood will vanish instantly! Who knows, maybe even spring )

And if the first and the festival of lights Diwali falls on mid-autumn, coinciding with the beginning of the tourist season, the second — Holi, on the contrary symbolizes spring and anticipates its completion. It is interesting to note that the autumn Diwali, which symbolizes the movement towards the light, primarily related to the symbolism of the soul, but the spring “corporal” Holi on the contrary anticipate movement to the darkness…and the darkness gives birth to light and so on to infinity.

By the way, ironically and logically — Holi is another new year (well, spring!), so if you plan to spend in India the entire season (from October to April), the New Year you manage to mention as many as three times, including European.

Like “autumn the new year” Diwali, Holi is complete without the burning scarecrows. This time, in the form of the victim serves a very specific demon — Holika. According to one version, the name of the holiday is associated with her name. The other version says that the fire was not directed at the demon, and the God of desire Kama trying to interfere with the meditation of Shiva .

No matter who in the end who won (lovers of Hinduism and legends can go to the source, we know that to win there is nobody and there is nobody) — not a single fire, or rather them not Holi so world renowned. First of all it is a festival of colors and love.

On this day people sprinkle each other with colored powder based on herbs and dyes, to pour water, dance and generally indulge in all sorts of Dionysian madness. Extra touch of hedonism holiday also gives the tradition of drinking a special drink — bhange containing cannabinoids.

Why Holi festival is called that way?

What Holi festival of colors is clear, but what is love? Because the spring? Well not only that, there are several explanations.

First, in one version of Shiva in the end still raised a God of love and desires Kamu (of course it could not do without the requirements of the wife!), giving him power by as much as 3 months each year. Secondly, the presence of love in the symbols of Holi is also confirmed by the main theme of the festive dance and another symbolic reference to Krishna’s pastimes with the cowherd.

Here we should make a remark, when talking about India, in most cases, it is difficult to determine what God is devoted to a particular holiday is often the Indians themselves there greatly disagree. But it is convenient — you can always choose the most suitable to our condition and Outlook version, which is what many fans of India.

Once falling in love with this country, many continue to celebrate the holidays, even after returning home. Or so and not go out of state holiday, which also happens. And if the celebration of Holi in the street (and house) is quite difficult to imagine (cat stained watercolor would look weird), it is possible to decorate the apartment with candles and fairy lights in a dark October-November is not difficult and certainly very nice. In General, what else can I say — a happy return from darkness to light and Vice versa! ; )

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