In the Czech capital hosted the satirical carnival.

The Czech capital on Sunday held a satirical carnival . devoted to the struggle for freedom and democracy. It is reported “Radio Prague”, reports UNN.

About 200 people wore a mask, reflective phenomenon in Czech society, which are criticized.

19 July in Monaco will host the carnival.

Became known, the theme of the next carnival of well as.

Traditional carnival in Venice will be held from 15 February to 4 March 2014. The theme of this popular in Europe costumed celebration will be the interaction of humans and the environment and the natural world, reports UNN citing foreign media.

In Brazil’s famous carnival begins.

Friday, February 28, in Brazil begins world-famous carnival . a national holiday that await get prepared for throughout the year. Residents of the largest cities in the country for a whole week hold music, dancing and fun.

Every city deserves special attention and attracts thousands of tourists, but Rio de Janeiro is a special case and to the carnival in Rio.

The carnival of Venice.

In Italy, in the city of canals and lovers, in Venice, February 4, 2012 started another, traditional Venetian carnival .

Mass celebrations usually started in Piazza San Marco, where there is an unusual fountain, a fountain of red wine.

This year in the city at the entrance to the Grand canal established a nine-metre statue of a bull that will burn.

In Venice began the annual carnival.

In Venice began a traditional carnival lny period that will last more than two weeks and ends March fourth in the so-called “fat Tuesday”. So, in Italy called the day before the beginning of lent before Easter. This year the overall theme of the festival selected “Enchanted forest”.

Carnival events kicked off this past Saturday.

“Brazilian carnival” can visit Kiev in 2014.

Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Popov met with Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Antonio Fernando Cruz de Mello, during which they discussed the possibility of holding in Kiev «Brazilian carnival and” in may of the following year. The originator of the proposal made by the Brazilian Ambassador.

Carnival in Moscow’s Gorky Park: the hipsters.

Today, in honor of the 85th anniversary of the Central Park of culture and rest named after Gorky in Moscow hosted a costume parade. In the procession was attended by residents of the capital, dressed as hipsters, Indian dancers and fantastic characters.

Carnival on the streets of Rio de Janeiro left the ICC.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro ended and left behind piles of garbage on the streets and squares. The situation is compounded by the fact that the city is on strike, the municipal cleaning service. Residents of the Brazilian metropolis and tourists, coming the day after the carnival and were literally shocked – the streets, the beaches and sidewalks of the city were littered with debris.

And You were at the winter carnival.

Winter carnival in Russia? This is only possible for the New year!

Today in Klin will take place on winter street carnival – the first in the Moscow region. This was reported by Natalia Povolotsky, press Secretary of the administration of the Klin district of Moscow region.

This year the carnival in Venice will be dedicated to verse.

Venice for two and a half weeks will be the center of the carnival of intelligent activities. Yesterday, the city began to defile the beautiful people in historical costumes and masks. On one of the many canals in the evening passed the first water show”.

In Brazil began carnivals.

On Friday evening local time in all major cities and small towns of Brazil started the main national holiday of the country – everyone’s favorite carnival . Now, within five days all Brazil will live in the rhythms of Samba.

Authorities in the Brazilian city of Salvador for the world Cup cancellations.

Authorities in the Brazilian city Salvador has decided to cancel the special carnival and world Cup football. As told in the city’s organizing Committee, initially it was planned that specially timed to coincide with the world Cup carnival will be held on 14-15 June, just in between matches Spain-Netherlands and Germany-Portugal.

Nifestations karnavali world.

Those, scho mi zwykle wagati feminim videovixen today, dawn end little SOSM gun value, in the main relgio, Yak carnival to be held naperedodni Great post. Niversi carnival PDR is registered in Tel.

Nice immersed in the atmosphere of incendiary CT.

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