Our beautiful cosplayers, anime festival

Origami and quilling

With origami familiar adults and children. Many as from any comer of a sheet of paper folded boat, airplane, frog. Quilling or quilling – making different shapes with narrow and long strips of paper.

Violation of color of hair

Hair is born, lives and dies in accordance with its specific life cycle. My hair person perceives as something evident. Not lend them special attention as long as they do not begin to happen something unusual. Change the appearance of hair is a direct consequence of changes in the internal organs.

With costumed games we are introduced to kindergarten. Who was not a rabbit, snowflake, snowman? Pakosta some individuals go in theatrical circles just to at least sometimes to dress and privatise as it is not customary to walk the streets. Routine is boring and sticky. This is why young girls dream to get married and always in a Princess dress. For once in your life. to do makeup, hair, dress gorgeous dress. who knows how it’s going.

But there are some boys, but mostly girls who do not expect mercy from nature and wedding occasion. It is the cosplayers . They have a few occasions in the year (3 exactly) to get dressed, comb your hair, put on makeup is not standard, it’s awesome how many have imagination, skill or, what is more important, however, desires.

We won’t talk about the origin of the names, for this is Wikipedia.


In the costume of cosplayer everything should be fine. Especially the transferor emotions, big eyes, do not forget the eyebrows, lips, cheeks. So our heroes-the cosplayers to achieve recognition of his character spare no makeup, eyeshadow, false eyelashes, liquid eyeliners, mascara. To keep young skin (usually the cosplayers – teenagers), they have to learn the intricacies of the art of makeup .

A little about the different types of makeup.

Face painting is a fat-free water-based paints. They dry quickly on your face, do not leave marks on clothes and is very easily washed off with water and soap. May drain from then or when applying it is not necessary to give a dense color.

Supracolor – creamy makeup that is used in theater and film. Usually, the composition of supracolor includes a composition of oils and natural waxes. The color pigments presents in high concentration, and because this kind of makeup is extremely economical in use. Its only drawback: creamy makeup should fix powder.

Theatrical makeup is created based on fat. This kind of makeup is very stable – it does not flow, even if you are very sweaty. Cream makeup, unlike theater, is created based on the emulsion. Its disadvantage is that – as theatrical cream makeup you can’t just rinse with water. To relieve this kind of makeup tools exist that are sufficiently aggressive for sensitive skin. Also makeup can be removed with the use of oil for the care of infants or plain vaseline.

If the painting does not irritate the skin and easily mywaysa, other types require a special approach – applying Foundation from the children’s and moisturizer.

A special charm and a mandatory addition to the image colored lenses give . Brown, purple, green, orange. Along with the eyeliner they artificially increase the eye.


Beauty does not spoil. Even scary masks, if they are required in the present suit.

There are different ways to make a costume and mask to him. Some cosplayers get them from professionals, but there are those that try (or be able) to do with their hands. Here about such rukodelnykh will be discussed.

Masks can be simple or fancy shapes. To achieve the desired shape and size is used all that was found in the bins at home, or in the shops of building materials. But at the heart of them, as a rule, is papier-mache.

A little about paper mache.

Need: glue, newspaper, PVA glue diluted with water, brush. Before performing the mask used to make a model that will okleivatsya papier-mache. It can be molded from clay, made from an inflated ball. You can make an impression on the face of clay, solidifying in the air, just remember to lubricate the skin liberally with vaseline, then apply a clay pellet, made holes for the eyes, mouth. The top model is also covered with vaseline. Further, the paper is cut or torn into pieces of different size, and with adhesive layers applied to the form. For the execution of this papier-mache are used several types of paper and fabrics for different layers, but you can do only newsprint. After drying (after 3 days) all irregularities can be smoothed with putty. Then the product is sanded, primed and painted.


Cosplay must exactly match the conceived image. No matter it is a copy of some anime character or manga, or original character.

Many of the suits are wands, swords, and other useful items. Well made prop sword can hide a lot of small flaws in the suit and help to make the viewer a much more powerful impression.


Of particular interest to this article are hairstyles cosplayers. This refers to the length of the hair, the haircut and the styling, but a special place is still occupied by the hair color of the character. And here it is necessary to clarify the preferences of our respondents.

The main part, almost more than 95% of cosplayers prefer wigs. It is although more costly, but subjecting your own hair coloration, preparatory and finish packing, but also months of the growing units are solved. Wigs are beautiful! And not even be different from your own hair!

The pros and cons of preference:

Hair grow, for them to be paid.

Hairstyle is the character needed as natural hair and the wig. To find a Barber who will cut and stack correctly your hair or wig is equally difficult. However, the wig can prepare in advance and not on the day of the festival.

The biggest and scariest minus natural hair – it’s their health. Because no paint is good, especially in bright and unnatural colors, and in most cases anime requires such colors in your hair.

However, found the anime fans who dye their hair in bright shades and even go so in ordinary life. There are those that are used for the image together with your own hair lining.

Anyway, whatever you do, remember that your hair should look as natural and as close as possible to the original hair of the character, which is done cosplay.

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