The Most ridiculous holidays of the world

What are the only entertainment don’t come up with the inhabitants of the planet to once again have fun, to relax from work and to feel free and crazy. Yes, sometimes it is that in everyday life many of us are so lacking. And this fact pushes the inventors from all over the earth for new and unusual discoveries in the field of entertainment. About the most bizarre, unusual and funny holidays world we’ll tell you now.

Fire festival “Las Payas”

Traditional festival of “Las Payas” is held annually in Valencia, Spain, from 14 to 19 March. It’s bright colorful and truly large-scale spectacle attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Every day at two o’clock in the afternoon begin ground-based pyrotechnics competition, and closer to midnight, the participants set off firecrackers in the sky. The culmination of this bright and fiery festival has become a traditional rite of “La Crema”, which is a burning specially prepared a huge stuffed. Large-scale, spectacular, and very unusual.

Oyster championship

Very unusual festival called “world mountain oysters” takes place in the American town of Throckmorton, located close to Texas. Every may there is a unique strangeness of the event. In fact, no oysters here speech does not go, and it’s just a slang name local cowboys called the bull’s balls. The winner of the festival and the main prize is the one who will cook the most delicious bull testicles. An independent jury whose members will certainly try the delicacy to the taste, appreciate it on many parameters: the appearance of the food, in his submission, aroma and taste. The winner gets the Grand prize.

Summer solstice

In the famous Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire in the UK, is no less strange and unusual holiday – the summer solstice. This day. Actually, it is not rare, and is celebrated in the cultures of many Nations around the world. However in Britain it has become especially popular since 2000. Then the local authorities have allowed everyone to spend the night from 20 to 21 June in one of the most unusual places on the planet – among a huge relic of the stones of Stonehenge. Touch them to this day can be anyone, but in the rest of the year tactile contact with the monument is strictly prohibited. Throughout the festival artists playing the drums, and the participants having fun and dancing.

A celebration of people-birds

In the UK in the town of Bognor in July each year, an unusual event which reigns is crazy, fun and warm atmosphere. Celebrate people-birds for a long time, he is the ancestor of many similar competitions, which are held around the world today. The participants build their own costumes of birds, then run them on a wide platform, trampoline, built above the sea surface, and jump. The main objective of a bird-man is the flying range. In other words, the one who will fly much further than the others, using homemade wings is the winner.

Holiday naked buttocks

In Laguna Niguel, California, America invented one of the most unusual “naked” holidays under the name “Amtrak Mooning” or “Demonstration naked buttocks”. Every second Saturday of July, tens and hundreds of local residents gather next to the railroad tracks, off pants, skirts, shorts and other clothes together with linen, and show mooning the passengers of passing trains them. To avoid unrest, the city authorities forbade the parties a strange holiday to publicly go to the toilet and to drink alcohol during the event.

Championship drag lovers

In the city of Sonkajarvi in Finland in July is the traditional world championship drag lovers. According to the rules of the event, any man together with his woman can take part in competitions. The festival has its roots in the ancient traditions of the Vikings. When they transferred their wives to the ships, for convenience, was perched up on their backs. Speed and excitement are the main components of fun events.

The world Cup of diving in the swamp

Wales insane Englishmen every second Monday of August held a championship in diving into the swamp. Dozens of brave participants jump into the swamp and overcome a distance of fifty five meters, using flippers and masks. The prizes are given to all participants, regardless of speed. Even last sailed to the finish line also gets the prize, however, small.

Burning man

In the American desert of black Rock is another unusual holiday. During the week that precedes the labor Day in September, hundreds and thousands of people come together and create sand the entire city. At the end of the holiday “week of sand sculptures”, the newly created works of art break and burn traditional Scarecrow. That’s why the event is called the festival of burning man.

World championship Gro

In the town of Egremont, all in the same rich in weird holidays UK, competitions are held grimaces, which, according to some information, was born in the distant 1297 at the crab fair in Egremont. The championship has international popularity and is held each September. The most famous champion of this strange holiday is Peter Jackson became the owner of the title “the most horrible mug”. For the sake of victory in the contest desperate man pulled out all her teeth, as long as it was easier for him to grimace.

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