Beer festivals in the world.

Beer is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. The beer is produced in nearly all countries of the world, almost everywhere there are fans of this beer. Today, there are a number of beer festivals, the people have fun, relax, socialize and, of course, huge amounts of drinking beer all tastes and varieties. Beer festivals very much, however, among them is the five best.

Beer at Oktoberfest


The Germans is the beer nation. Statistics says that in Germany beer regularly consume 91% of men and 67% women. That is why it is not surprising that the largest beer festival in the world held in Germany.

For the first time this festival was held in 1810, when in Bavaria celebrated the wedding of Ludwig I c Princess Theresa of Saxony. In honor of this, the people staged celebrations with horse races and beer, pour all for free. This festival really liked Ludwig, so he ordered to conduct it every year.

Since then, at the Theresienwiese on the third Saturday of September begins a huge beer festival called Oktoberfest, which translated means “October festival”. During this festival in the meadow put a huge beer tents, which are the different branches of the Munich beer halls. These tents are always exactly 14 – tribute to tradition. All pavilions are interesting in their own way, so they deserve attention.

Pavilion Hippodrom

Beer tour begins with pavilion Hippodrom, where races were held. Now this pavilion is the gateway festival. Products from local brewers best tasting in the pavilion or Lowenbrau, Paulaner. First, by the way, very easy to find on a huge lion, a symbol of the company. In the Hofbrauhaus tent can simultaneously be 11 thousand people, making it the unofficial center of the holiday. By the way, this beer was once made by Hitler. Special glory and the pavilion has Armbrustschutzen, once owned by the society of crossbowmen. They are organized here shooting more than a hundred years ago and immediately fell in love with him beer tent.

In a small wooden house Kafers Wiensn Schanke meets especially notable audience here go to these national costumes. In the tent monks Augustinian Augustiner-Festhalle offer great beer straight from the wooden barrels. Incidentally, it is worth noting that most of the five thousand Beers still brewed monks. At Schottenhamel beer going students, so she is officially considered to be youth. But the tent Winzerer Fahndl on the contrary has a very relaxed atmosphere – people come here with their families, even with children. If you like dried fish, then you can buy it only in the tent Fischer-Vroni – more dried fish never sell.

Every year the Oktoberfest is going more than a million people. They eat 800,000 sausages, and drinks it all 10 million pints of beer (approximately 5 million litres).

Barrels of beer at the festival Cannstatter Volksfest

Cannstatter Volksfest

This beer festival is also held in Germany, in Stuttgart. Volksfest German translates as “folk festival”, and this name is fully consistent with its content. The festival started in 1818, when king William and Queen Katherine decided to make up a holiday, so he quickly recovered from the plague years.

Officially, the festival starts at 11 a.m., when the mayor opens near fruit columns keg of beer. First Sunday of the festival was marked by the passage of the city’s colorful processions of men in bright costumes, cars and painted carts. At the fair, showing off hundreds of magicians and artists, and everyone can go down the waterfall or take a ride on the huge Ferris wheel.

Of course, during the festival in the city there is plenty of beer tents selling beer brewed on the best German Breweries. 16 hectares approximately three hundred different businesses. Very popular pavilion “Hall of the black forest” with a laser show and waterfalls. Foodies love to be in the “French village” that serves schnitzels, roasts and Gallic delicacies.

Bottling the beer

By the way, the Cannstatter Volksfest is quite different from other beer festivals. He less is just a great pub. Rather, it is just a great holiday for all the family with unusually joyful and friendly atmosphere.

The big Beer festival London

Not only Germany boasts ancient traditions of beer making – they are in the UK. London beer festival held every year, surprising even the most avid fans of beer. Here every year bring more than three hundred varieties of ale, about fifty varieties of pear cider and dozens of bottled Beers. Here you can try ginger or wheat beer, beer with herbs and spices, and low-alcohol varieties. In addition, here are imported a lot of imported Beers from America, Belgium and, of course, Germany.

The festival is not only about beer – there are rides, live music, prize drawings, as well as great restaurants and shops. After drinking beer, you can warm up by playing Darts, table football or bowling. But history buffs and just good music you will hear ancient drinking songs in old English or Celtic languages.

The logo of the festival in 2013

The logo of the festival – Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess who thousands of years ago was a patron of brewers. On ancient cuneiform inscriptions preserved the recipe for this beer, so it is all the time prepared before the festival. This beer has a unique taste and the caloric value it exceeds even the bread.

The great beer festival Denver

According to the Guinness Book of world records, at the Denver beer festival in America, people can try the largest number of varieties of this beer. Every year at the feast actively participate three hundred beer companies. Denver is also called the Western Munich, but such a large-scale festival confirms the name.

Of course, the American festival can boast such a long history as a European – he appeared only in 1982, but in a short time managed to gain great popularity. It lasts three days, from 3 to 5 October, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors not only from America, but from around the world.

Beer at the Denver Festval

USA, oddly enough, is the world’s largest beer producer. If in Europe the majority of beer produced heirs to the ancient recipes for miniature Breweries in America that are fully engaged in Breweries. Of course, the quality of American beer is not like all foodies, but the scale of the festival is really amazing.

The Belgian Beer weekend

Beer in Belgium is not just a drink, and a huge part of the culture. Ancient traditions of Belgian brewing satisfy even the most demanding and fastidious lover of beer. Here is the court of beer, the beer exchange and even special cooking course, which binds to cook dishes with the addition of beer.

It is not surprising that in Belgium there is huge number of festivals, fairs, exhibitions and festivals dedicated to beer. None of them particularly stands out the Belgian Beer Weekend, taking place from 6 to 8 September in the Grand place.

Barrels of beer at the Belgian Beer Weekend

At this time in Brussels is a gathering of beer lovers from all the surrounding countries, as well as many foreigners. More than three dozen Breweries represent the best available Beers. The festival is cost – free entrance, and a mug of beer rarely costs more euros.

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